Monday, March 05, 2007

What's that?!!!!

Isabella had a rough week going to bed. She fussed and cried and talked, some nights for more than an hour before giving up. So when she screamed out on Feb. 13 I didn't think much of first.

After a minute, I knew this cry was different. This was a scared cry. I walked back to the door of her room and listened to hear if she's calm down.

No luck, so I opened the door to a dark room. I could see dark spots on the bed sheet but thought it was wet milk. Not until I looked at Isabella did I notice the dark mess on her face.

I yelled for my mom and flicked on the light.

Blood everywhere. Isabella had her first bloody nose.

The bleeding quickly stopped and we got her cleaned up and back in bed. Now I don't wait longer than a few short minutes when she's crying at night to go check on her.

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