Monday, March 19, 2007

Second Post-Placement...Done

We had our second post-placement visit today from our adoption social worker.

As part of our adoption contract, we have to complete four post-placement visits within three years. At a post-placement visit, the social worker asks us questions about Isabella's development - physically and emotionally. She observes Isabella playing and the interaction Isabella has with us. She then writes a report that goes to our adoption agency, the state of Ohio and Guatemala. We will have another visit in one year and the final visit in 2009, when Isabella is three.

Our social worker was very impressed with Isabella's personality and verbal skills. She, of course, mentioned how beautiful Isabella is getting and was excited when Isabella gave her a high five. Isabella performed in her happy, go-lucky way, showing off all her toys. She even gave the "nice lady" (Isabella's words) a hug and kiss before she left.

Tomorrow we will get ready for the big one year anniversary party set for Wednesday, March 21. It marks one year since Isabella made us her parents! Pictures to follow.


Anonymous said...

Glad everything went well with your visit. Isabella is sure getting big!
Love, Mike & Terri

The Kramer's said...

I am sure she kept the "nice lady" entertained!!! :-) See you guys tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kramer Family,
As you celebrate each special day ~~~ a match made in heaven, born from your heart! Know how very happy we are for all of you.
Love, Andy, Dusty, Rich and of course our little guy, Cayden.

Anonymous said...

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