Sunday, March 25, 2007

Forever Family Day Pictures

I hope mommy has enough Web service today to get these pics up...

I love my Aunt Julie so much!

My Daddy loves holding me.

Check out my special ice cream cake. It was sooo good!

I had lots of friends to play with.

But I had to take a break with Papa Al because I was so tired.

And Grandma Sue gave me a big kiss and shoed me off to play again.

Uncle Keith let me chew on streamers.

My friend Nicholas and I try to beat each other in eating our ice cream cake.

Uncle Tim kept cousin Kylie occupied while the big kids played.I got lots of gifts since this was like my first birthday - one whole year with mommy and daddy.Everybody got big thank you hugs and kisses!

Shooo! What a day! Thanks for coming to the party!!!


Anonymous said...

Jen -
Thanks for letting us share this wonderful day with you guys! What a year it's been!
The DeWater family

Laura said...

So glad to see pics from the party! I loved the montage on the other blog, too. Isabella is so blessed to have you as parents. She is one beautiful little girl surrounded by so much love. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kramer Family for allowing me to come to your photo party celebration of your special day. I could feel the love and happiness coming right through the computer screen. Hugs from Andy D.

William, Kristy, Kaylie and Makenzie LaVella said...

Kramer Family~
Just wanted to say how happy we are for the three of you. I'm sure it's been quite a fast paced and energy packed year. We hope you continue to have good times together... learning, laughing and growing.
LaVella Family