Friday, May 04, 2007

Gymnastics - Round One

Isabella started a gymnastics class on Thursday. The class is for 18 month to 3-year-old kids and "an adult" (all moms and one grandma). Her class has five girls and one boy. The goals of the class are to teach listening skills and introductory tumbling. Most of the class time is spent chasing your little one around and playing on the gymnastics equipment. (I think I got a better work-out than Isabella did. Whew!!!)

View this montage created at One True Media
My First Day @ Gymnastics


The Kramer's said...

I want to go too!!
She looks to cute in her leotard!!
Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Jen -
You guys looked like you had so much fun!!!! And of course Bella was the cutest one there!


Laura said...

How fun!

Isaac loved the parachute part of the video... he laughed. :)

William, Kristy, Kaylie and Makenzie LaVella said...

It's so neat to see Kaylie and Makenzie's cousin following in their footsteps to become a little gymnast! Getting to play around and interact is so much fun. Glad she had a good time=)

Regina & Randy said...

Thanks for sharing!! It looks like both Mom and daughter had a fun time.
I think Jakob would have fun with gymnastics; we'll have to look into it once I'm able to chase him around again :-)