Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tough, tough week

So sorry for the lack of posts this week. I haven't felt up to it.

I had had a doctor's appointment 10 days ago to check blood levels from my recent infections. I heard 9 days ago that the mono test was still positive - I've decided to go for the world record for the person with the longest case of mono! HaHa! But no big deal, I thought. So I still have mono. I've learned to live with it and continue to rest as much as possible. No other news that day gave me relief.

But the relief didn't last. I got a call early Monday morning from my doctor. She had the blood sent out to a specialty lab for processing because of "abnormalities". My sugars were off. I thought - no big deal. I've got PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). It plays games with insulin resistance causing sugar levels to fluctuate. In fact, I was told when I was first diagnosed that many PCOS patients develop Type 2 diabetes within 5-10 years of onset. I thought I had more time. But I guess not because as of Monday I was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome with early onset Type 2 Diabetes. Sugar testing five times a day has not been easy, but I'll get used to it and doubling my insulin medication (Metformin) has played games with my sugar, dropping it pretty low and causing cold sweats and light-headedness. But my body will adjust. (And hopefully this increased medication will help me lose the extra weight I've gained since my back surgery.)

So I thought that was enough for one week, but no! When it rains it pours as it always does with me and my health.

I met with my back surgeon Tuesday morning for follow-up X-rays and a post-surgery evaluation. He informed me, based on testing, that I have permanent nerve damage in my lower back, leg and foot. The numbness, mostly in my foot, will never get better. Again, something I can live with. But...

I had complained several times at physical therapy and previous doctor's visits of post-op hip pain, new pain from the lower back incision to my hip bone. The surgeon did not like what this meant. He ordered an immediate full-body bone scan and an MRI, and I mean immediate. The bone scan was today and the MRI is Friday. I talk with the surgeon again next Wednesday to discuss options but he said the lower back and hip pain is spinal stenosis, a narrowing of spaces in the spine (backbone) that results in pressure on the spinal cord and/or nerve roots mostly found in people over age 50. Yeah, age 50! I should have a lot more time but due to family history, I hit the jackpot early! He also suspects a new disk herniation because of the weakness of my lower back. We'll talk about "next steps" next week, he said.

Can I say no to fusion and disk surgeries if it means ignoring bones and tissue around my spinal cord? I don't know...It worries me both ways!

For now all I can do is go day to day. Tomorrow - gymnastics!!!!


Julie said...

Jen, my 'bubble girl'...what ARE we going to do with you? I know how upset you were when you first received all this news, but know that your family will be here for you. Things may not get as bad as you or the doctors may think. You're always in my thoughts and I worry about you all the time. But just know that things ALWAYS get worse before they get better.
I'm very excited for my sleep over with Bella this weekend and you know I'll always be here to help you out when you need it. Talk to you and see you soon.
I love you!
Lil' Sis xoxo

Laura said...

Oh, goodness! I'm with your sis in hoping that things aren't nearly as bad as they seem at the moment. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. :)

Regina & Randy said...

You, Kevin and Isabella are always in our prayers, but we'll be sure to send extra ones your way!
As you know, I have PCOS as well..when were you diagnosed; did you always have a problem since your teen years? I'm concerned about the type 2 diabetes too. Does that run in your family?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen-
Hang in there! It's still "drizzling" here with something new to face every other day. Guess it makes everyone stronger especially family bonds. Your in our thoughts -
Love, Terri

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers each and every day for you and your family.
Loads of Love and caring, Andy D.