Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No Sugar After 4PM

This is the new law in our house.

Isabella has never handled sugar well. She gets REALLY hyper and unmanageable. Well, until tonight I let the sugar rule slide for special occasions - birthdays, picnics, visits to relatives' homes, etc - but not after today.

We celebrated Kevin's birthday tonight with his family and so Isabella had cake, of course and some other sugar. Now I was there and said it was okay since this qualified as one of those special occasions. It's not good for her because she gets too wired. We really have to watch from now on what she's eating.

She didn't get laid down in bed until 9:30pm tonight. She started screaming 15 minutes later and after rocking and reading and new diapers and watching TV, she finally cried herself to sleep at 11:46pm. Needless to say the whole house is still up.


The Kramer's said...

:-) That's why I don't eat ice cream cake!!! It was great to see you guys tonight! Have fun on vacation!!!
Love ya!

Julie said...

Awww....Jen I'm sorry to hear that Bella kept everyone up last night! I hope Kevin had a nice birthday celebration with his family. See you guys tonight!
Love you all :-)