Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pretty as a picture!

Kevin and I took Isabella to Sears for pictures to mark her soon-to-be 2nd birthday! Professional picture sessions have always been a struggle for Isabella so we had been practicing posing and smiling. I also decided to try making an evening session since two attempts at morning sessions had failed int he past.

Even though we had to wait over an hour while the photographer finished with a screaming baby and toddler, Isabella was adorable! All smiles and cuteness.

Check out her session by clicking on the first photo session at the following link:


Julie said...

OH MY GOSH....I can't believe how good they all came out!! I can't wait till I get my copies! Hopefully from here on out she'll be easy to do pictures with. Those are the most adorable pictures ever!
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Jen -
She can't get any cuter! They turned out soo good!

Regina said...

Hey Jennifer,
I'm trying to view Isabella's portraits, but I must be doing something wrong, I cannot view them. Any suggestions?

Regina said...

Thanks! I was able to view them. Isabella is so adorable and looks so happy in all the photos! Can't wait to see you guys!

The Kramer's said...

Those are great, it's amazing how much she has grown just since the christmas pictures! The one with the bear is favorite! Put me down for one!! :-)

William, Kristy, Kaylie & Makenzie LaVella said...

She's getting so big! I like the up close and last ones. As a photographer, I bet she was a lot of fun!

Laura said...

Love the pics... Isabella is adorable!!