Friday, August 03, 2007

The Help Me Grow Evaluation

Toady, I received the formal evaluation from Help Me Grow on Isabella's development. And it was great!

She scored in the 28-30 month range in the following areas: cognitive, receptive language, expressive language, gross motor, social-emotional and self help. She scored 24-30 months in fine motor. What this means is that Isabella is developing well above her normal 25 months and there is no need for additional one-on-one services.

Some of the comments given by the evaluators:
"When handed a book upside down, Isabella was able to turn it right side up. She point to and talked about details in the book. Isabella is able t match and name the colors red, green, yellow, blue and orange. Isabella can match animal sounds to pictures of animals."

"Isabella will answer yes/no questions and who, what, and where questions through words, phrases and pointing."

"Isabella is very expressive. She uses facial expressions, pointing, gesturing and words to communicate her wants and needs."

"Isabella can become easily frustrated with some fine motor tasks and will not be persistent." (We have to work on this one.)

"Isabella is a very capable girl."

"Isabella is a very independent little girl."

Overall, a wonderful assessment from the doctors and social workers! They did offer a few suggestions to help Isabella with her toe-walking and sensory integration issues which we have immediately implemented.

We are so happy that she's doing so well. Now we have confirmation to our feelings that she's doing outstandingly.


Rachel said...

Yea! Sounds like great news!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news! We all know how smart and brilliant Bella is!!!

Hope to see you soon!

Dee Dee

The Kramer's said...

Glad everything went well!!! But of course we all knew that about her anyway!!!