Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vacation Post #7 - Friday

Last real day to spend in Florida so we had to hit the beach and the pool. We hated packing everything up but that's the way it goes with vacations.

We took the girls back to the merry-go-round since it was cooler. We also hit downtown St. Augustine after a nice dinner at a local pizza place (really, really good and it better have been for $85) and enjoyed some ice cream.

We had one tired little girl on our hands once we got back to the condo!


Home sweet home said...

Cute pics --- Love Isabellas hair in the last one !! :)

amy said...

Hope you are enjoying your visit to Florida. My girls and I live in Florida. I found your blog off of the Nyblom families blog. Your daughter is beautiful. I have 2 daughters from Guatemala. I also have an Isabella, she just turned 3 and my Gabrielle will be two in a couple weeks. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

The Kramer's said...

Wow what did Kylie have to eat??? Can't wait to see you guys!!
Love ya!