Sunday, August 19, 2007

We're Home!

Florida was amazing and I plan to have a day-by-day story for you later this week. We are still catching up on sleep today and running errands - getting to the grocery store and pharmacy, heading to Grandma Mary's & Papa Steve's, taking long afternoon naps (I hope). Watch for a new post soon but to keep to coming back, here's a few pics of our "little mermaid" enjoying her vacation.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! The Bennici Family

The Kramer's said...

Glad you guys had a safe trip back home!!! Hope to see you this week!! Can't wait to see pictures! Love,
Tim and Melissa

Regina & Randy said...

Welcome Back! We missed having updates and checking your blog. Hope you guys got some rest and aren't too tired from traveling! Looking forward to more pictures of your trip.

Julie said...

We're SO glad you guys are home. Chris and I missed you all SO much. North Hill wasn't the same without you!
We loved the pictures and we'll defiantly get together again this week.
Love you all and glad you're home,
Julie & Chris :-)