Friday, February 24, 2006

Again we have holdups

Well, Friday is update day and while I was hoping to report that things have progressed, I am sad to say that we have not moved forward from the Feb. 15 PGN approval. What's that mean? We still have at least a 4 week wait to travel to bring home Isabella.

Apparently the mother got another one of those out-of-country jobs. Seems pretty convenient that she only works when we need her to sign paperwork.

According to the agency, our attorney is traveling to El Salvador next week to meet with the birth mother so she can sign the paperwork at work. Then Maria, our attorney, will submit a request for the new birth certificate.

We'll have another update next Friday.

4 comments: said...

hi there hope she makes you as happy as our two own girls have done, but remember to let her know her roots as that is most important when she is old enough. Best of luck.Peter

Laura said...

Ugh, sorry. Keeping you in our prayers as always!

Anonymous said...

We will lite a candle for all of you on Sunday and keep you in our thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the delay. Hope you like the following story from a friend from church. Adrienne & her husband have 2 children, their daughter is 4 and was adopted from China, and they have a 2 year old son. One day Adrienne and the kids were out driving and passed the hospital where her son was born, so she pointed it out to the kids. She said that her daughter then asked if they could drive by "her" hospital. Adrienne then had to explain to a 4 year old how far away China was & why they couldn't just drive on over there. (they are hoping to take a trip to China when the kids are older).

We'll keep praying for all of you.

Val, Tom & family