Thursday, February 09, 2006

Too busy to read?

Summit County, we are nearly there. As of 7 a.m. this morning, more than 85,000 of us pledged to read for 30 minutes on Wednesday, Feb. 8, the Annual Day of Reading hosted by This City Reads. And pledges are still rolling in.

Some us of read the newspaper; some read a book; some read stories to our children. No matter what you read or where you read, you read and that is to be praised!

But we can't stop with one day. I wish a could have pledged to read with Isabella for 30 minutes yesterday. Instead of watching the sitcom, or surfing the web, I could have been spending valuable (and educational) time with my daughter. But since hundreds of miles separate us, I will try to make it up to her everyday once she's here.

To all the parents who read this, I hope you spent time with your children yesterday, looking at a book, reading a comic, talking about school. We all should take more time to be with our kids, no matter how busy we really are.


Laura said...

Isaac LOVES books and I'm sure Isabella will, too!

Donna Sens said...

Jennifer (10) and Eric (8) love to read! And I love to read with them. It's our own book club. Although our web page has not been updated recently, (it's on my list of things to do) please visit it for a list of books Isabella is sure to love. Also, I've volunteered for the Ohio Reads Program. I have 4 students from Hickory Ridge Elem 2nd grade for a 30 minute reading group once a week. Happy Reading and Valentine's Day to all!