Wednesday, February 01, 2006

10 Things

I visit several blogs a day. I came across a post on another blog that I just had to share with all of you. It is so true to how Kevin and I feel sometimes so it's important to share.

10 Things You Shouldn't Say To Someone Adopting,
For Fear of the Wrath of the Ovary
1) What a lucky baby. Think of the life you are saving.
2) Aren't you afraid you won't love her like your own?
3) I could never do that.
4) How much will she cost?
5) Why didn't you adopt from the US? There are so many needy babies here.
6) Oh, that's so trendy right now! I want a Chinese baby too!
7) I've heard those babies are _______ (fill in your own stereotypical sentiment here: smart, well-behaved, sick, etc)
8) Aren't you afraid of what will happen once you get her home? (i.e. adopted kids are trouble.)
9) Well, now you're probably going to get pregnant!
10) You are doing it the easy way!

10 Things That Are Really Great About Adopting,
And I Don't Even Have My Kid Yet
1) You make the decision to adopt over and over and over again. Which reaffirms your desire, over and over and over again, that you want to be a mom or dad. And that is pretty cool.
2) If you are in a committed relationship, that relationship gets very, very strong.
3) You have the wonderful opportunity to embrace your child's birthculture and make it part of your lives and shared tradition. (Now I get to celebrate TWO New Years. How cool is that?)
4) Adoption can get pretty romantic. Each milestone in my house has been celebrated with good dinner and good wine and a lot of love--paperwork completed, dossier sent, logged in, approved. 5) And wait till we get to the phone call that gives us our daughter. Plus--there's no mistake that this baby was planned.
6) You are pushed, constantly, to be a better person--more reflective, more sensitive, more aware.
7) Nobody ever doubts that you are ready to be a mom, or that you want to be a mom.
8) Adoptive parents have a fiercely strong network and, when cool, are very, very cool.
9) The money you save on maternity wear can be used for more baby clothes and $56 dollar dresser knobs.
10) The anticipation is devastating but hey--the payoff is gonna be so freaking great.

Borrowed and shared from The Naked Ovary.

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