Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Procuraduria General De La Nacion...what?

We've been getting a lot of questions about PGN and what it is and what happens during that time. So I've decided to explain it in as much detail as possible so folks will know where are case is right now.

After a case exits Family Court and you have U.S. Embassy pre-approval, the case is submitted to Procuraduria General De La Nacion (PGN). PGN is tasked with ensuring that the requirements for adoption under Guatemalan law are met. As part of this process, the case is submitted to a PGN reviewer for a determination as to whether all legal requirements have been met. The reviewer examines all of the documents that we submit as part of our dossier, additional documents submitted by our Guatemalan attorney, the social worker's report and the U.S. Embassy visa pre-approval. If the reviewer determines that all of the documents are in order, the reviewer will sign off on the file and forward it for final approval. When final approval is granted, our case exits PGN. Shortly after our case exits PGN and the final paperwork is completed, the Guatemalan adoption process ends and you we legally the parents of Isabella!

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