Saturday, January 14, 2006


When we started experiencing problems and delays with the adoption, Kevin and I decided to take a proactive approach in dealing with our adoption agency. We pledged to call once each week to talk with our case manager to get a progress report on the case even if it was to hear that nothing changed from the previous week. This would keep us up-to-date and would remind the agency that we are very interested in each step of the case.

We called yesterday to find out that our case manager is in Guatemala, dealing directly with our case. We should receive a full report next week and hopefully receive new pictures of Izzy (The last photos are from Nov. 30.).

While we were disappointed that no one told us that our case manager was going to Guatemala, we know that we will get some news, while it may not be good news, next week. But we will stay positive and hope that everything is moving quickly through the last stages of the process.

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Laura said...

Praying you hear good news soon!!