Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Baby Showers

Isabella at 3 months

When we heard that the adoption could be on the fast track and Izzy may be home as soon as September, the grandmas-to-be got in high gear in planning baby showers. Since both Kevin and my families are so big the grandmas decided to host separate family events.

Grandma Kramer wanted to host hers in August because she was throwing a bridal shower in October for her soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Grandma Gaylord opted for September but the showers were still only two weeks apart.

Kevin and I had a blast at both parties. We got to see so many excited family members and friends and everyone got to learn about the process and see Izzy's pictures.

August 27 was the Kramer family shower. It was held at Silver Lake Country Club and was a brunch. The food was amazing - eggs, bacon, fruit, danish, hash browns. Grandma Kramer and the aunts-to-be, Tiffany and Melissa, really made the event special for Kevin and me. Each place setting had a candy bar announcing Isabella's birthday and a beautiful card featuring a poem about adoption. I cried when I read it and have saved many copies to include in Isabella's scrapbook. The highlight of the day - besides seeing the many friends and family - was watching a special photo video set to "In my Daughter's Eyes" by Martina McBride featuring Isabella's birth pictures. The Kramers had it burned to DVD so Kevin and I can watch the cherished piece whenever we'd like.

My sister and my mom hosted a shower on September 10. It was held at the Silver Lake Towers Party Room thanks to my great-aunt Margie. Guests feasted on chicken and rigatoni, salad, rolls and tons of desserts. Each guest received their own picture of Isabella in an adorable baby frame for them to cherish. (Plus they can change out the photo with the "adoption" announcement picture when Izzy comes home.) Set to a CD of lullabies, the shower was complete with a new video of Izzy straight from Guatemala. Kevin and I received the DVD just days before the party and were anxious to show it to anyone. We showed the Kramer video and no eyes were dry in the room. It was great to see so many aunts, cousins, friends and family. Even some of my old interns came to share in the festivities.

Thanks moms and sisters for great memories and thanks to all our friends and family for the wonderful gifts. Izzy is truly lucky to have you in her family!

Kramer Shower

Gaylord Shower

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