Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Best laid plans

When we installed the garage door opener the plan was to keep the Explorer, the primary vehicle in which Izzy will ride, in the garage. That is so snow doesn't cover it and she won't have to sit in a cold car while it is cleaned off. Well, that may not happen because of an Akron parking law that police are now enforcing.

Since we have a one-car garage, a single car driveway and Kevin drives a company vehicle, the Escort is parked in front of the house on the street. Many other neighbors do the same thing being that most of the houses on our street have no garages or only one-car garages.

Well, yesterday, I got home to find a parking ticket on the Escort. I immediately called the City to find out why I was ticketed. The lady told me about a parking law and its new enforcement policy. So I moved the Escort into the garage and parked the Explorer in the driveway. No problem yet, but once Izzy gets home I'm worried about how I will handle the baby and the snow covered car.

Kevin works out-of-town a lot so I will have the baby by myself quite often. I can't leave her inside the house while I get the car ready and I don't want to put her in the car. So I guess I will have to plan on heating the car up at least 15 minutes before any winter trip, get the baby in the car and then clean the snow off. Hopefully, by then, the defroster will have melted it enough that it just slides off. Sounds like a plan. But I feel bad about not using the garage since Kevin and his dad worked so hard to make it easy for me. But the best laid plans don't always work!

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Anonymous said...

I can't remember the last time I parked in our 2 1/2 car garage! I usually go out and start the car, scrape off the majority of the snow, then come back inside to get Nicholas. When he was younger, I would put him in his crib or high chair when I went out so he wouldn't get into anything. Now I just close all the bedroom doors so he can only be in the living room and kitchen while I'm out there. The only other option is putting him in the car and then starting it and scraping it off. But sometimes it's just too cold to do that!
Just a thought! You'll figure out what works for you. And the way this winter is going, you may not have to worry about much snow!