Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Medical Updates

Each month a representative from our agency visits Guatemala to see the foster families, take pictures of the children and get updated medical reports.

Well, I've been disappointed with what they consider medical reports.

Kevin and I have been working with a local pediatrician through Akron Children's Hospital Adoptive Center. She has been great in preparing us for best and worst-case scenarios when Isabella comes home. She reviews her pictures each month and talks with us about Isabella's development. She reviews what limited medical information we receive. Her expertise is invaluable and we thank her for her time and dedication to our case.

When I hear the phrase medical report I expected a report from a doctor telling us Isabella's weight, height, a listing of shot records, etc. Much like we would see here. But I was mistaken. A medical report, from the agency's standards, is an email from an agency representative listing the child's weight and head circumference. That's it!

As new parents we demand more but are shot down with a "That's all we get."

The children are seeing professional doctors and I think we should be able to see copies of those records. Reform is definitely needed, but I'm not willing to fight that battle. I just want my Isabella home, happy and healthy!


Mom & Dad G. said...

Jennifer & Kevin,

Isabella definitely looks healthy and happy in the new photos - she is so beautiful! We all share your concerns and disappointments, and pray daily that she is home forever VERY SOON!

All our love,
Mom & Dad G.

Laura said...

Pretty soon, YOU will be in charge of her medical care! I agree that she does look healthy and happy in the new pics! ((HUGS))