Sunday, January 08, 2006

Home Improvements

To pass our homestudy, we had to jump through many hoops to get our home up to State Standards. We had to install baby proof locks on all cabinets, design a fire and tornado escape plan which are posted in the kitchen, post emergency numbers by every telephone in the house, post an approved-sized fire extinguisher in the kitchen (not a kitchen one, but a full-sized one - pretty crazy, huh), move boxes 10 feet away from the breaker box, have a 3-ft clearance around the furnace, replace outlet covers with new ones, have special outlets near all water sources, have a fire-escape ladder on the 3rd floor, have approved cribs and car seats (inspected and signed off on by fire marshals), pass the fire test, pass a cleanliness test. And I'm sure I'm missing about a hundred other things. But we passed.

We had things that we wanted to finish around the house, to, before Izzy comes home. Finish the hardwood flooring in the kitchen complete with molding. DONE. Put in a garage door opener. DONE. Reorganize the basement into a playroom. DONE. Build a toybox. IN PROCESS. Hang the baby's border and picture and shelves. STILL WAITING. Remove the glass shower door and replace with a shower screen for easier baby bathing. STILL WAITING. Remove the old cement washtub in the basement and replace it with a plastic one. STILL WAITING but have supplies. Repaint the front porch. DONE Remove the Oak tree in backyard. 1/2 DONE. Recarpet the downstairs bedrooms and basement stairs. DONE. Install a gas heater in the basement. STILL WAITING. Install a dishwasher and garbage disposal. DONE Reorganize office for storage space. STILL WAITING.

So you can see we are well on our way to getting things ready. Just not sure when the rest will get done.

Izzy @ 4 months

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