Saturday, January 28, 2006

Out of translation

Late yesterday afternoon, Kevin and I heard that the final papers have completed translation. On Monday, the file will be submitted to PGN, which is the final Guatemalan court proceedings for the adoption.

While the case is in PGN we will hear no information about the case. We will only hear if there are problems and the case is kicked out for new documents, updated forms, etc. We are praying this goes smoothly and we don't hear from them at all until we have an OK stamp.

Our agency told us PGN averages a 10-15 business day wait. Some fly through and some are in PGN for several weeks. It just depends on the case manager and judge who looks at your case.

Kevin and I, and I know all of you who read this, are praying that this goes smoothly and quickly. The next few weeks will be grueling as we wait to hear and not to hear, if you know what I mean!


Anonymous said...

Yea!!!! for that piece of good news going to PGN court. We will pray even harder this goes smoothly and quickly and of course for your continued patience.
We love you,
Mom and Dad K.

Kramer Familia said...

what great news. we are all optimistic about this going through the PGN court. now you are one step closer. stay strong. we are praying for you three.

Peace out- KK, TK, and Kelsey

Anonymous said...

Well I guess for the first time we hope you don't hear any news!!! So excited for the three of you! Love Ya,
Tim and Melissa