Friday, January 27, 2006


I really enjoy scrapbooking (and believe it or not so does Kevin). So we decided to create a book for Isabella about her adoption so she can learn about how she came to have us as parents.

I haven't actually started her scrapbook because every time I sit down to begin I think of all the ways I might document our journey to this point without pictures. We have so few pictures of Isabella right now that the book about her may look bare.

So I've decided to make a scrapbook map on 11x17 paper outlining the pages' themes, where pictures will appear and where journal entries will go. This way I can plan for pictures to come and for family times together, instead of thinking about all the time we've missed.


Laura said...

Great idea! I'm going to be making a scrapbook for Isaac as well. Wish we lived closer and we could together more often (playdates and scrapbooking, oh, my!). I'm SOOO excited to see you this weekend and give you a huge hug! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, you knew I'd have to make a comment about scrapbooking! I agree that you shouldn't focus on the time that you missed, but on the future you'll have together. It's hard to scrapbook without pictures, but remember that an important part of scrapbooking includes journalling your feelings. Could you print out your journalling from this blog every week and scrapbook that? Then when Izzy is older she can read about your feelings while you were waiting for her. I know it helped me to journal about my fears and feelings when Nicholas was in the NICU. I was literally scrapbooking right at Children's Hospital 6 days after a c-section! There's always an open invitation to scrapbook with me. I need to catch up!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer: Just a thought I recieved a scrapbooking computer program for xmas. It has been a huge help in putting together our wedding scrapbook. It has a spot where you can just type in ideas, that way later on you can go back and complete them. I know how busy you and Kevin are. If you would like to download it, just let me know! Your scrapbook ( and Kevins) will be amazing and something Izzy will treasure forever. It will let her know how much we all love her, even when she was so far away. Can't wait till she is home!! Love Ya both,
P.S. My mom and I LOVE this blog!!