Monday, January 02, 2006

Our family now

Kevin and I began dating in October 1993. He was a senior and I was a freshman. We've been together ever since, even while he was away in the air force.

I graduated high school in 1997 and started at Kent State that summer. I went straight through, never taking a summer or winter break. I wanted done.

In my junior year at Kent (1998), my dad and I went to Alaska to run in the Mayor's Midnight Marathon in honor of my grandfather's courageous battle with leukemia. I was worried about going because one week prior I got a puppy - Kalli (she's a German Shepard, golden retriever, Australian Shepard mix) - and I didn't want to leave her. But Kevin and my mom promised to take great care of her.

When we returned from that trip I had a surprise waiting. Yes, Kalli was fine. A different surprise. Kevin proposed on the porch of my parents' home.

Kevin and I bought a cape cod in North Akron in August 1999 and married in November 1999. I finished college shortly after.

We lived happily ever after as a family of three until Kevin decided to get another puppy in July 2003. I said I didn't want the added responsibility of training another puppy, especially since Kevin spent most of his time out-of-town for work. But when he called me on July 2 and said he was holding the cutest puppy ever, I had to go see. Molly joined our family on July 4. She was in foster care and the foster parents wanted to meet us and get to know that new family. They decided we'd be perfect for "Amy" and she came home with us on Independence Day. I had decided the night before that we'd change her name to Molly. She just looked like a Molly (she's a greyhound, dachshund mix).

Kalli was not to sure about having to share her home with another pup but she adapted. She showed Molly that she was boss and Molly respected that.

Even with our two great dogs, someone in our family was missing. That's why we searched for Isabella.

Below are pictures of the 2005 Kramers. Soon, the 2006 Kramers will look much different.

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