Thursday, January 19, 2006

No Friday update this week

Just a heads up for those who are waiting to hear about Isabella on Friday. Our agency contact are out of the office through next Monday at training and will be unable to give us our weekly update. So Kevin and I will take a blogging break this weekend and return strong next week. I plan to talk with the agency on Monday morning and will post a message about the conversation. So watch for it Monday afternoon.

And thanks so much for your comments. Kevin and I love reading them each night. Keep sending them!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer & Kevin, So nice to see the pictures of your pretty little girl. The ones of her smiling are especially nice. We always remember all three of you in our prayers.

Love, Aunt Mary & Uncle Hank

Lillian S. said...

Dear Jennifer and Kevin,
Thank you for sharing your journey as you prepare for your darling little girl. She is a cutie. It helps us to realize what she looks like before we will see her in person. Keeping you in our prayers and hang in there. She will know how much you love her by all the things you have done to get her, especially when she is older. She is getting great parents. God Bless and love.

Aunt Leslie said...

Jennifer and Kevin,
Thanks for the new pictures. She is beautiful. I am praying that we will soon have a picture of all three of you together.
Uncle John & Aunt Leslie