Friday, January 06, 2006


So now that everyone is up to speed on the process, we can give you the abbreviated version of the hold-ups in our case. Being that the majority of parents pick up their babies before they are six months old, Kevin and I knew we'd have our Izzy home by Christmas. But like I said before, hold-ups happen. And boy have they happened to us!

First, our attorney didn't do anything with our case for 4 months. It just sat their, on her desk, no movement. When we started to complain, she got her butt moving.

We had paperwork issues, having to get documents reissued which meant new notaries, new verifications and legalizations and new translations. All this takes time and money. In the beginning we had a hard time with the paperwork because we couldn't find a notary to work with us on this process. We had paperwork that was signed but needed notarized. A big no-no apparently. But our agency said everyone finds a way to get it done. We did, finally.

Once our attorney got moving with the case, she noticed that the birthmother's birth certificate was hard to read. She wanted a new one for the file. This added two more months to the case because the birthmom lives in a remote village, which was hit by mudslides.

Once the village issued the B.C, the attorney couldn't get to the village because the roads were washed away.

Then they couldn't find the birthmother to get the DNA test done. She got a job and was out of the country.

DNA test done, LapCorp or our agency lost the original documents. Noone will fess up. Can't proceed without those papers. But all is well because we found out this week, LapCorp reissued the documents and our agency has them in hand.

So it's been a bumpy road, but we're making it through.

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