Tuesday, January 24, 2006

She's growing fast

We won’t get an update until Thursday of this week, so for those waiting on pins and needles you will have to wait another few days, just like Kevin and me.

But in the meantime, some updates on Isabella’s development!

Age 7 months 16 days
Weight 17 lbs.
Clothes size 9-12 months
Shoe size 3.5

Please don’t take these clothes and shoe sizes to heart. Guatemala has a different scale for clothes and shoes. According to her foster mother, Isabella is eating rice cereal and all types of jarred baby foods. She enjoys playing in her walker and is pulling herself up onto the furniture.


Laura said...

Sounds like she's doing very well!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer & Kevin,

You probably already know this but her weight-for-age looks great -- between 25th and 50th%iles, and she's eating age-appropriate foods -- good news!
Cousin Val

PS -- I have all sorts of baby feeding info if you're interested.