Thursday, February 16, 2006

We're out!!!!!!!!!

We got the call at 4:15 p.m. yesterday. "Your case was approved in PGN. You'll be traveling in about 4 weeks to bring her home." I didn't know what to say. I was speechless. I've waited so long to hear those words that it almost didn't seem real. But it is and now Kevin and I need to get in high gear to get ready for Isabella's homecoming.

We still have some hurdles to jump though. The final court judge must meet once again with the birth mother to sign the official adoption decree. The court must request that a new birth certificate be issued with Isabella's new last name. (We pray this step doesn't last as long as it took to get the mother's birth certificate done - three months.) Then the case goes back to the US Embassy for a 48 hour review. After that the Embassy issues our "pink slip" stating the time and date of our Embassy appearance. Once we have that information we can make travel plans and head to Guatemala.

Over the next few weeks, Kevin and I will update you on the status of things as we find out and we will show you pictures of all the things we have to take with us on our trip.

We are still in shock that it's actually happening. Thank you for all your prayers and continued support. We will continue to need them as we prepare to bring our baby home and during our adjustment period.

Have a great day! I know I will because I have tons of people to tell "It's finally done!"


Mom & Dad G. said...

Yeah!!!! Finally some good news!!
We are hoping and praying that the next step goes smoothly (and quickly!) as we're sure you are too! We are so happy to hear that you are one step closer to bringing her home!

All our love and prayers and support,
Mom & Dad G.

Laura said...


Sending you hugs hugs today! We'll be praying that things move quickly and Izzy will be home soon!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see
more pictures and glad
to hear that good news
has been coming your way!

Renee T.

Anonymous said...

Talk about some great news!
Hope things go well for you during these next few weeks... we'll continue the prayers=)
Lots of love,
William, Kristy, Kaylie & Makenzie

Mike & Corina G said...

Congratulations Jennifer and Kevin! One more hurdle out of the way, now we're all looking forward to you bringing her home and letting her get started on learning all about her big family.

Mike, Corina, Elise & Tessa Gaffney

Anonymous said...

No Kidding, I have had this feeling for the last 2 days that we would be hearing this announcement...don't know why...but I have been checking the blog every chance I get! Yaaaaay! Now we all can't wait to see Izzy in those beautiful clothes! Keep us updated!
Jenn B.

Anonymous said...

What great news! We'll keep praying for things to move along smoothly. Hooray!
Val, Tom & family

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! We are SO HAPPY for you guys. We are hoping and praying that your luck has been turned around. And soon you'll be able to hold your beautiful daughter in your arms!!! You 3 are in our prayers as you finish up this last chapter, and begin your life as a family.
We love you all!!!
Tim and Melissa

Anonymous said...

Passing the great news on to your aunts on the phone I just started to cry. . . I think it finally hit me that Isabella is actually "coming home!!!" Dad and I can hardly wait to see the 3 of you together!
Praying that these last steps will go smoothly and quickly!
Love you all!
Mom K. (and Dad too)

The Teeples said...

YAAAY!Praise God! We are so happy for you both!!! We'll continue to pray that you will be bringing Izzy home VERY soon and that you will have safe travels and a smooth transition into parenthood!

kramer Family said...

congrats. finally some good news. cant wait to see our neice. our family will all be together now.

love, kk,tk, and kels