Monday, February 20, 2006

Assembly required

Kevin and I spent most of Sunday putting together toys Isabella had received from friends, family and us. Not thinking that this would become a day-long project, we settled in downstairs in our family room in the basement. Each of us took a box and the fun began. But fun it was not.

First we struggled to even remove the parts from the boxes. Manufacturers most think of ways to make children patiently wait as their parents fight the package to get to the reward. Noone told us we'd need pliers, screwdrivers and scissors before assembly. With paper cuts and even some bruises we made it through.

Then you wrestle with the actual assembly of the toy. Some went together just like the instructions and some fought us to "snap together lightly" so much so that I have a bruised palm from the KolKraft 2-in-1 seat/walker activity center.

Finally, together, the prize is the song or chant the toy SHOULD produce, but with no luck it gets taken apart for another round of wrestling.

So far everything has eventually come together to work, but the one-hour project quickly became three.

Next week...the highchair.


Laura said...

Hee, hee... I make Josh put together everything. I'm not patient enough. ;)

kramer Family said...

i think the packaging is almost "parent proof". I recommend wire cutters or a chainsaw for the numerous bands holding the toys in the package. just make sure Kevin keeps them off the front lawn.