Sunday, February 05, 2006

I'm not the baby....anymore????

As Kevin and I prepare the house more and more for Isabella's homecoming, Molly and Kalli are becoming more and more confused.

Kalli has been acting out in defiant ways. She doesn't come inside when we call her from her potty breaks. She digs paper towels out of the trash and shreds them all over the kitchen floor. She growls at Molly and takes food from our plates without being told it's okay. She goes after Isabella's stuffed toys, thinking they are hers to play with.

Molly is the exact opposite. She's overly cuddly. She aims to please by listening intently to everything we say. She curls up under the blanket next to us when we watch television.

Kalli and Molly have been our children. They travel with us on vacations. They go to grandma's and grandpa's house when we go. They get birthday and Christmas presents. They exchange presents with their other doggie friends.

With the increased talk and activity around the Baby's Room and her stuff, they must be questioning how their status in the family will change.

They will forever be our babies, though. Unconditional love with no strings. How can anyone turn that away?!


Laura said...

It was a big adjustment for our "babies," too. Sophie started acting out/wanting extra attention while Otto went and pouted. Thankfully, they've been really good now that some time as passed. They don't get quite as much attention as they used to... but, they are still VERY SPOILED dogs. :)

Stacy said...

We had three cats the day we brought Taylor home from the hospital a hundred years ago. We insisted nobody visit the house for a day or two to let the cats get adjusted to the new noises and smells. I have a fantastic picture of my old kitty, Willy, checking out his new baby brother. (Don't let family and friends hassle you about this. The dogs will appreciate the opportunity to get to know Isabella with just the immediate family.)