Saturday, February 18, 2006

We're on a roll

I met with the agency yesterday to make our final adoption payment and complete the final paperwork. Everything is done expect one form which needs notarized when Kevin and I sign it.

We have time to get this form done though because it travels with us to Guatemala. We will present the form to the U.S. Embassy certifying that Isabella has received all the appropriate vaccinations to our knowledge. Isabella regularly sees a physician in Guatemala City and has received her shots. At the advice of her pediatrician here, however, Isabella will receive all new vaccinations. New vaccinations will not harm her so we want to be safe in knowing that the dosages are the proper ones. She will start receiving theses vaccines on day two of her homecoming.


Anonymous said...

I received the good news via phone call from Grandma Sue while I was in Florida. When I got the good news I was in a Florida restaurant waiting for a table. People were wondering why I was jumping up and down!!!!!!
I am looking forward to that much anticipated day.......when she comes home forever with her mom and dad.
Our prayers continue for all of you.
Aunt Leslie

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer,

WOW! You are almost there! I will keep the three of you in my thoughts and prayers as everything comes together.

All the best,
Sue Lacy